Tips And Tricks For Your Hair

Tips And Tricks For Your Hair

by Mary Mitchell, Studio M Hair

I have worked in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, as an educator, consultant, art team member and now a successful salon owner.

I am always happy to teach clients how to create ease of styling and good hair care.

One of the most common questions I get is:

What do I do for colour fade? Do I need colour-safe shampoo and conditioner?
Yes, coloured treated hair always needs colour treated shampoo and conditioner. They are designed to put moisture and protein back into the hair using a higher PH in shampoos to cleanse, moisturize and retain colour, while conditioners moisturize, detangle and lock-in with a lower PH. Colour treated shampoos and conditioners will:

· Mend and protect, making the hair smoother with lots of shine.
· Help restore cuticle damage and keep the vibrancy of your colour with less fading.
· Easy comb outs – always comb hair starting at ends working your way up to the scalp.

Remember to always pick a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, or treatment according to your type of hair.

Now that your shampoo is done, always protect the hair from excessive heat exposure by using a thermal heat protector from roots to ends. Thermal heat protectors come in sprays, serums and creams. Use what is easy for you and please turn the heat down on your dryers and irons. When you don’t protect the hair you can lift colour just by using a hot iron.

Your tools do make a difference!

If investing in new irons or blow dryers, try new technology like infrared heating systems. These new tools can:

· Mend and protect by pushing moisture back into the hair while you style.
· Smooths the cuticle and strengthens the hair in half the styling time.
· Provide ease of styling for comb outs, long lasting soft curls, waves or shiny straight styles.
· Lower heat temperatures to safe-guard colours and leave the hair more conditioned.

Always use a nozzle when blow drying to create air control to reduce frizz. It will smooth, polish and shine your finished style.

A good brush is important, there are many types for many different reasons. Today it is the round brush. A boar hair round brush is the best because it is softer on the hair. Hair against hair is more natural, leaving the hair in better condition, smoother, shiny and with no frizz. The more you polish with boar hair, the better results you will have. It is wise to pick a bigger then smaller size when working at home, the bigger brush will help you manage your hair much easier.

Mary Mitchell is the owner of Studio M Hair in Miramichi. Visit her website at

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